Building bridges

The Federal program “Kita-Einstieg: Brücken bauen in frühe Bildung” (Daycare access: Building bridges in early education) is supported by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and lasts from 2017 until the end of 2020. The City of Freiburg is in this program the network and coordination body for the Freiburg project. Next to Caritasverband Freiburg and AWO Freiburg, the Klara Family Center is a participating partner and thus the link to the Federal Model Program “Starke Netzwerke – Elternbegleitung für geflüchtete Familien” (Strong networks – Parent guidance for refugee families). Connecting these two programs makes perfect sense, since their goals overlap and complement each other.

“Building bridges” supports the development of low-threshold activities, such as the Open Cafés. This way, the entrance into child daycare is facilitated, prepared and supported. Consequently, the access to the system of early education, daycare and education is facilitated.
Especially refugee families can receive information about ways of accessing early education in Germany and get to know daycare institutions.

In “Building bridges”, we assume that a good daycare is an important premise for children to have the same start chances. Refugee children learn the German language in educational institutions fast and get to socialize. This way, we support the integration of the entire family.